Долгие версты войны

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Производство: СССР, 1975

По мотивам повестей Василия Быкова. В основе сюжета - три боевых эпизода, относящихся к началу войны, коренному перелому в ходе войны и окончательному разгрому врага... Смотреть онлайн фильм "Долгие версты войны".

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    Вам может понравиться

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    • buchik5
      21 апр 2011 21:02
      Долгие версты войны
      Василь Быков пожалуй лучше всех писал о войне, да и правдивей многих,странно,что коментарии на этот фильм идут на английском,а с другой стороны приятно,что нынешнее,как я понимаю, поколение все же не в стороне..
    • ishishkina
      21 апр 2011 17:55
      Долгие версты войны
      I do not think the author of Comment 1 has a good understanding about what WWII was for Russia and Europe and how our world would be different if Russian people did not destroy Hitler. So the only comment I agree with is that Russian folks know firsthand how to make a movie about a war. As for propaganda – turn on CNN. Russia has earned the victory in blood of millions of its citizens so not so sure why you call it propaganda.
    • Luccia
      18 авг 2009 02:34
      2 серия. Атака с ходу
      Very strange feeling to watch soviet war epic after so many years. There is havy hand of ideolgy and dialodgs therefore are quite stilted... But aside of the fact that many of the people who made these movies knew war and combat first hand and scenes are filled with details which gone missing in modern ones...Reckon the beauty of those movies ironically IS in their idialistic spirit. M-m-m... I am afraid it is impossibble for modern pettycoat burgois mentality to grasp that -- Whichever material reasons are behind wars the ultimate meaning of them is to go after stars! And people who lived in those revolutions and wars WERE at large extent IDEALISTS! If we won't have idealists anymore life will become peacefull quagmire of vegetation.

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