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Production: USSR, 1982
Director: Nadezjda Kosheverova
Cast: Vladimir Etush, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Vera Novikova, Alexander Galibin, Zinovy ​​Gerdt, Tatyana Peltcer, Valentina Panina, Nicholas Karachentsov, Lyudmila Makarova, Sergey Parshin, Boris Arakelov, Sergei Filippov, Alexander Domashev

The film is based on fairy tales by Charles Perrault.
In one magical kingdom there lived a king named Gaston IX. He had a daughter who was very beautiful and who was named Teresa by her ...  loving parents. When time came to baptize the baby, the palace was set for a feast. Suddenly in the midst of the christening, appeared a wicked witch and prophesied the girl ordeals in the future. Many years have passed since. When the beautiful Teresa was seventeen, she fell in love with the prince by the name of Jacques. and this is when the witche's curse started to become true. The father, despite of his daughter;s desire, decided to give her away to an old rich man. But a fairy godmother appeared in order to help the unfortunate girl: she dressed her in the donkey's skin and gave her a ring, with which she could change her appearance. Internet TV is the film "Donkey Skin" online. The movie "Donkey Skin" watch online at eTVnet. Фильм "Donkey Skin / Ослиная шкура (на английском языке)" смотреть онлайн на eTVnet. Фильм "Donkey Skin / Ослиная шкура (English dubbing)" смотреть онлайн на eTVnet. 

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