The Plea / Мольба (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Georgia…

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The Plea / Мольба (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Georgian)

Рейтинг: 1
Наше кино (на иностранных языках)
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Based on the works of Vaja Pshavela, who is displayed as a Poet. It is a story of frustration and despair. Resistance to evil seems hopeless. The death of heroes, the knights of truth and goodness, leads the Poet to believe that evil is invincible. Tired of the struggle and hardship, the Poet puts down his weapons. And then all his favorite characters come to visit him. They extinguish the candles in a bowl of beer - a ritual of hevsursky ...  gesture signifying denial. And only after seeing what misery and misfortune brings his rejection to fight against evil, the Poet again decides to take his weapons and fight. 

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