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Production: USSR, 1959
Director: Sergei Bondarchuk
Cast: Sergei Bondarchuk, Pavel Boriskin, Zinaida Kiriyenko, Pavel Volkov, Yuri Averin, Kirill Alekseev

Based on a story by Mikhail Sholokhov. The first postwar spring. Don river overflowed. An ex-soldier, Andrei Sokolov approached the ferry with a boy. He met a good man, got into a conversation with him and decided to tell him the story of his difficult life. He was born in Voronezh. During the Civil War was in the Red Army. In a hungry year of 1921 he went to work in Kuban. A year later he returned to Voronezh and worked in the carpentry cooperative. He met a good girl, fell in love with her and got married. Andrew has become a driver. The Sokolov family was living happily together, raising three children. But war came and Andrew was called into the army. He was delivering the ammunition to front army positions. On one of his such trips, his car was destroyed by an explosion and he suffered a concussion. When he regained consciousness, he saw boots of Nazi soldiers. He was put together with similar, barely alive people who were captured by the Nazi. For the night the Nazis locked up the prisoners in a an almost destroyed church. Here, for the first time Andrew had killed a man who was going to deliver up to Germans his platoon commander. Even in the hellish conditions of concentration camps, Sokolov did not let go of the thought of escape. Finally he was able to escape. but he was soon caught as the dogs were put on his trail. For a long, the dogs were tearing up his clothes together with flesh. But Sokolov was able to overcome all the tortures, the hard work, the abuse and the hunger. In 1944, Andrew was sent to build fortifications. A German engineer, who was a Major at that time, took Sokolov as his driver. At the same time Sokolov carefully prepared for the a new escape. And once, under heavy fire, he crossed the front line, taking together with him the Major with his briefcase full of important documents. For a long time, Andrew had to lie in a hospital and finally he was able to go on vacation to his native town of Voronezh. There he learned that his wife and daughters were killed during bombing attacks. Son Anatoly volunteered to go to the front. Sokolov also returned to the army. Finally fate smiled back at him - he found his son. But on the day of German capitulation Andrew found out that that his son died. After demobilization, Sokolov did not want to go to Voronezh, where everything reminded him of the deceased family. He settled in Uryupinsk at one of his army friend's house. Near a tea house, where truck drivers usually had lunch, he met a little homeless boy. Sad little eyes of Vanya, a child who experienced grief struck Andrew. Sokolov telss the boy that he is his father. From now on they will be together... Watch the movie "Destiny of a Man (English dubbing)" on eTVnet. Смотреть фильм "Судьба человека (английский язык озвучивания)" онлайн.

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